Cooking Club Membership Best Value (access to ALL videos in series!)

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Cooking Club Membership Best Value (access to ALL videos in series!)

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Want to affordably learn how to make healthy food taste AH-mazing, be a smart shopper, and organize your pantry? My passion is sharing this knowledge with you, so you can feel comfortable, inspired, and empowered in your kitchen (and grocery store!). 

Classes, shopping visits, and pantry tours are held live on Facebook, so you can join in and cook with me - and even ask questions - all in real time! And of course, you'll get access to the recordings, so no worries if you miss a live video. 

As a member, you'll receive: 

o    Access to our private Facebook group
o    At least 7 cooking classes per month
o    Monthly shopping trip - join me live and ask questions, or catch the recording. Each month will feature a different area of the store. 
o    Recipes and schedule sent out weekly. 

Here's the Complete Six Month Menu: (NOTE: you will have access to past videos on the Facebook page, as well as all upcoming videos - yay you!!)


January Menu (these videos are all posted on the FB page):

-          Shopping trip: Picking out the best produce!

-          Quick and Delicious “New Year New You” foods

o   Korean mung bean pancakes
o   Golden protein pancakes
o   Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups
o   The Ultimate Vegan Grilled Cheese
o   Tess’s favorite green smoothie
o   Lumpia
o   My go-to spicy lemon soda (like a master cleanse, but better!)


February Menu (these videos are all posted on the FB page):

-          Shopping trip: Making the best choices in the frozen foods section

-          Asian delights and Beyond

o   Pad Thai
o   Fresh Thai spring rolls
o   Lowfat Peanut Lime Sauce
o   Tofu Tod (my daughter’s favorite and so easy to make!)
o   The Supercharging Chili Lime Noodle Method (my #1 favorite way to make noodles)
o   Telluride Tonic Elixir (a spicy ginger turmeric superfood treat)
o   Stuffed Shells (Italian)


March Menu:

-          Shopping trip: New favorite foods at Expo West! (Feel like an industry insider and join me live during this event!)

-          Easy Foods To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

o   My favorite crisp travel burritos
o   Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves)
o   Special guest recipe by Ted Lai (@Wokwildside, aka The Vegan MacGyver)!!
o   Superfood popcorn
o   Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding
o   Asian Kelp Noodles with Creamy Miso Sauce
o   NEW energy cookie recipe! PB & J Energy Cookies!


April Menu:

-          Shopping trip: Spicing it up in the Spice section!

-          Authentic Indian Delights

o   Aloo Gobi curry
o   Lemon Cilantro Pakoras
o   Dahl
o   Easy Indian Mung Beans
o   Mulligatawny (Soup for you! No need to wait one year!)
o   Aloo Achar
o   Gluten-Free Samosas


May Menu:

-          Shopping trip: How to shop the refrigerated section

-          Ethiopian food – the ultimate easy-to-make healthy comfort food

o   Injera
o   Chickpea flatbreads
o   Ethiopian red lentils
o   Yellow split peas
o   Ethiopian cabbage
o   Ethiopian spiced fries
o   Berbere “Crack” Sauce (caramelized onions, oil, berbere, salt, etc. – SO GOOD!!!!)


June Menu:

-          Shopping trip: The rest of the supermarket – dry goods, bulk foods, and more

-          A Mix of Your Requested Favorites!

o   Vietnamese Pho
o   Raw Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake
o   Sushi (vegetarian nori rolls) with Creamy Wasabi Sauce
o   Skip-the-Takeout Chinese Tofu (Beancurd), Veggies, & my all-new Brown Sauce
o   Vegan Crepes
o   Thai Yellow Curry
o   Vietnamese fresh spring rolls

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