Healthy Basics Cooking Class

Healthy Basics Cooking Class

Join us this Friday, June 9th (at 6 PM), for a fun and educational HEALTHY BASICS Cooking Class! 

We'll be making the following dishes:

- Popped amaranth (like teeny tiny popcorn, but insanely nutritious!)
- Chickpea of the Sea salad (super quick & protein-rich)
- Buddha Bowls (making this hot food trend simple & delicious!)
- One Pot Asian Noodles (flavorful & immune-boosting!)
- Pantry Tour (get inside tips on how to set up your kitchen/fridge for success!)

* NOTE - price of class includes food!

* Directions to the location (Pagosa Springs) will be sent out upon registration. If you'd like to join us remotely via your laptop or phone, please let us know in the comments upon registration.

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