By popular suggestion, I've finally asked some clients to share a few words so I can have what the kids are calling a "testimonials page." More coming soon!

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"Tess is relatable in that she herself has experienced many of the things I'm going through, which makes her insights so much more relevant because she's already been there. Her guidance opened me up to vast possibilities and expanded my vision of the value in what I do. To be witnessed in this way is a game changer. It has given me the confidence and validation to keep moving forward and trust the process. Tess also provided me with invaluable tools to attract clients and venues who are in alignment with what I have to offer. I will forever be grateful for her contribution to my success!"
- Lindsay Bodenhofer, Journey IN to BEing 

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From two recent one-year “One Degree” graduates:

”Tess Challis is a life saver! Her guidance over this past year was key in helping me manifest the life I’d always dreamed of. She showed me how to look at my “problems” as opportunities instead of road blocks. She cultivated a mental sea of energy that enveloped strength and courage. As a result, I’m a completely different person today. I have balance in my life. I feel free. I have mental “tools” I didn’t have before. She gave me the wings to finally FLY. I don’t know where I’d be without her.”
– Dustin H, Tampa FL

”I don’t know where I’d be without Tess’s guidance. I began the year with her, uncertain of what to expect, but I am so deeply grateful for what has transpired. I have my life back, I have raised my standards immensely (no more idiot guys, that’s for sure), I am thriving in my career (I didn’t even know that was possible), and I finally feel free to be just plain happy in my life. Tess is such a present and powerful coach, and I am so forever grateful for the changes she helped me make!”
- Laura K, Reston VA

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"Tess, in her inimitable way, provides tools so we can excel on our own terms. Her program provides motivation, achievable goals, and accountability. Then she'll adjust it all to meet our unique needs. For the first time ever, I lost weight and gained health, and with joy! Tess shares the gift that keeps on giving."
- Anastacia Norris, Traverse City MI

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"Tess is absolutely amazing and more than I could have ever asked for. I originally just thought that I wanted help with an athletic-specific nutrition plan. But Tess's intuition and experience led to a complete overhaul on my relationship with food and with my own self-image. She's so easy to talk to, incredibly knowledgeable, extremely supportive, and very realistic in her approaches to long-lasting change. She understands and remains empathetic through setbacks, encourages through tough trials, and celebrates victories - it's like working with a close friend. I absolutely love her and would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for any type of advice or assistance. She's the best there is."
- Kitty D. (via a verified testimonial on Thumbtack)

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"Tess was very helpful in connecting my eating habits to my emotions. She is knowledgeable and kind. She is extremely creative in helping to find answers. I highly recommend her."
- Arlene B. (via a verified testimonial on Thumbtack)

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"We are so excited! We consider Tess our angel. I put the intention out to find someone who could help us in this way and now it's finally happened. I had asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday and her answer made me tear up. She said, 'All I want is to look, feel, and be healthy.' And now she will be! A BIG thank-you to you, Tess!"
- Julia G., Orlando FL

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"I've been working with Tess on and off for the past five years. In fact, I reminded her recently that we had our five year anniversary! My life has improved tremendously as a result of Tess's help (including the fact that I now have a wonderful relationship with my once-estranged daughter), and working with her is a delight. She is always kind, supportive, understanding, intuitive, and inspiring. I never feel judged by her, but she's honest with me, which helps me grow. I'm so thankful to have found her!" 
- Andrea K., D.C.

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"I came to Tess because I needed help figuring out my binge eating. I was so frustrated, because as a coach myself, it was embarrassing not to have this under control. Within just one session, Tess was able to help me connect my behavior with the root cause. It's amazing what happens when you just shine some light on a problem! I am so grateful to her for the level of awareness she brought to our call, and for her deep kindness. I completely recommend her to anyone needing to make powerful changes in their life!"
- Sarah M., Reston, VA