What's "One Degree Coaching?"

Great question. I was hoping you'd ask. 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like you want to make changes in your life but don't know where to start (or how to make them stick)? Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough - or like you can't do EVERYTHING, so you just end up doing next-to-nothing and feeling stuck and frustrated?

Honey, I hear that. BEEN there. Done that. 

So here's something cool I recently learned (which inspired me to reframe my coaching program) - Did you know that the difference between going into orbit and staying on earth is only around one degree? To go from HERE to WAY UP THERE is just a matter of making a slight adjustment. Yes, you may be thinking this is a stretch, but bear with me. I have a point . . . 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're already doing a lot right - and that you're probably not acknowledging that either. If you're like most of us, you're also doing a fair bit of negative self-talk about what you're NOT doing. Letting your self-critic have a bit too much say. Again, been there. Done that. Plenty. 

But WHAT IF you made a series of one-degree changes, and every day that brought you ONE DEGREE closer to the phenomenal YOU that you want to be? And what if you did that for a whole year? Wouldn't it be SOOO cool to be standing here, one year from now, after having made DOABLE changes every day, feeling like your world was completely upgraded? You'd still be YOU, but your life would be surprisingly awesome. You'd have the relationships you want (and deserve, believe it or not), the body you want, the money you want, the happiness you want, and the life you want. I mean seriously, WHAT IF this is possible for you now, and you just haven't had the right guidance and mindset? 

I'm going to say this again . . . WHAT IF this really is possible for you? What if, in one year, your life could be unrecognizably phenomenal because you made some guided shifts in your mindset and habits every day?

That, my love, is One Degree Coaching, and it's a source of pure joy for myself and my clients. I super-duper-flipping LOVE helping people just like YOU transform their lives, bit by doable bit. We're in this together, and I believe in your potential like crazy!!! Let me know if you'd like to chat more about this by filling out the form (below my unreasonably large photo), and I'll be in touch. 

In total dedication to your success,
xo Tess


If you'd like to see if One Degree Coaching is a fit for you, please fill out this form. A select number of applicants will receive a FREE coaching call!

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Wondering if we're a fit?
Some final thoughts, sweet soul, and I hope they don't sound harsh.
They come from a place of love, & from not wanting to waste your time . . .

I'm probably not the coach for you if...

- You are unwilling to take responsibility for your life.
- You're not willing to tell me the truth/get real with me.
- You won't take small daily steps to create positive change.
- You aren't willing to look at your mindset and deep beliefs.
- You want overnight results (that you know deep down you can't maintain).
- You aren't driven to have a better life. You're fine in your comfort zone. 

I could definitely be the coach for you if...

- You're willing to address your mindset (with my help, working together in a way that feels comfortable to you, of course).
- You're willing to take actions (small, doable steps on a daily basis) to improve your life. 
- You're open to feedback, and willing to get 100% real with me. (This is a safe, judgment-free zone.)
- You are open to using "alternative" methods (such as affirmations and visualization) to expedite your results.
- You're tired of living a mediocre life and are truly motivated to have a better life. 
- You're truly open to positive change. You are willing to get out of your own way and allow your life to get better. 
- You're open to "co-creating" with The Universe/Higher Power/God/Spirit (doing YOUR part and also working with your higher power to create maximum results with minimum effort) - And yes, I know this will sound woo-woo to some, BUT magical possibilities await if you're open to having some fun with this!! ; )


P.S. If you've read through this whole page and feel we might be a fit, please fill out the above form and I'll be in touch! You can also find a few of my testimonials here, although they're woefully in need of an update!! : )