What the heck is "One Degree Coaching?!?"

Great question. I was hoping you'd ask!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like you want to make BIG changes but don't know where to start - or HOW to do it? Do you struggle with the seemingly HUGE GAP between where you are now and where you would LOVE to be? Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough - or like you can't do EVERYTHING, so you just end up feeling stuck and frustrated? Blech. I get it.

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Does the “mean girl” in your head tell you things like:
”You’re not doing enough.”
”You’re not enough.”
”You’ll never achieve your goals, so why bother.”
”Other people can have _______________ but you can’t.”

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Oh GIRL, I hear that. My mean girl had WAY too much say in my life before I fired her!!!

Of course, she still comes to visit every once in a while, but she’s not welcome to stay. She’s been outed as a big fat liar and I’ve permanently rented out her room to a voice that’s supportive, empowering - and just….kind.

And to be honest, the voice in our heads is pretty freakin’ powerful. It’s responsible for just about everything we’re experiencing in our lives - so it’s something I really prioritize in my work with clients.

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So, you may be wondering - what exactly does “One Degree Transformation” mean?!?

Simply this: Do you know how much change it takes for a rocket ship to go into orbit? It’s actually an adjustment that’s little as one degree. That’s it. And like the rocket ship, we can “go into orbit” in our lives by taking consistent, small, doable steps. We do NOT have to make huge changes overnight, no matter what the “mean girl” tells us!

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I absolutely ADORE working with women (and occasionally exceptional men) like you to make One Degree pivots that will create change in your life - so much change, in fact, that your life will be unrecognizable one year from now.

I know that might sound a bit far-fetched, but stick with me. I happen to know a bit about your potential, even if you’re not so sure right now.

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Those “One Degree” changes are POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE tools like none other. Think you’ve tried everything? I’m here to tell you that, respectfully, you haven’t. I’ve spent decades developing these tools - and in order to help you access your specific goals, I work WITH YOU to highly personalize them for your success.

I’ve used this “One Degree magic” to overcome the following in my life:
- obesity and food addiction
- depression, anxiety, panic attacks
- poverty and poverty consciousness
- struggling in my business
- unhealthy relationships and emotional abuse
- “victim” mentality and feeling powerless
- low self esteem
- crippling perfectionism and lack of motivation
- frustration over not feeling like I’m in total control of my life

And of course, I tell you all of this because I want you to know that I’m in it with you. I get it. I’m not sitting here, coaching from a manual. I’m coaching from a space of knowing firsthand what it takes to overcome inner and outer obstacles, so that we can truly have the life we desire! Because truly, we ALL deserve that. YOU deserve that.

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Heard enough? Want to schedule a free chat and see if we’re a fit?
Cool —>
here’s a form you can fill out <— and I’ll be in touch.

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Want to know more? Also cool! Keep reading . . .

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're already doing a lot right - and that you're probably not acknowledging that enough. If you're anything like me (and most other humans), you’re a bit of a perfectionist with yourself and sometimes forget to acknowledge everything you’re doing RIGHT. And despite all the good in your life, you still feel frustrated about the areas you can’t seem to master. I know that frustration well. It can really taint an otherwise happy life.

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But WHAT IF you began to CONSISTENTLY implement One Degree magic? Every single day? And what if you had someone in your corner - not only a cheerleader, but also a guide, who could work in-depth with you to create highly personalized, doable steps to follow daily? Steps that were perfect for YOU. Steps that . . . WORKED. That honored EXACTLY where you are RIGHT NOW, as well as where you really want to be. Steps that may push you a smidge out of your comfort zone - but only in ways that you feel really good about, deep down in your gut.

And WHAT IF this meant that your whole life could shift? That these One Degree changes could create powerful changes in every area of your life? Your relationships, health, business, and inner peace can all be powerfully transformed through One Degree magic. Of that, I am certain.

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That, my love, is One Degree Transformation Coaching, and it's been a source of pure joy for me and also my clients. We're in this together, and I believe in your potential like crazy!!! Let me know if you'd to apply for a free call to see if One Degree Coaching is a fit for you by —> filling out THIS FORM <— and I'll be in touch. And in case you’re worried (I might be too), please know that if we do end up chatting, it’s a no-stress zone. No expectation, just exploration. And at the very least, you’ll walk away feeling a bit better than you did before.

xo Tess

p.s. Scroll down for specifics on whether or not One Degree Transformation Coaching might be a fit for you.


Wondering if we're a fit?
Some final thoughts, sweet soul, and I hope they don't sound harsh.
They come from a place of love, & from not wanting to waste your time . . . 

I'm probably not the coach for you if...

- You are unwilling to take responsibility for your life.
- You're not willing to tell me the truth/get real with me.
- You won't take small daily steps to create positive change.
- You aren't willing to look at your mindset and deep beliefs.
- You want overnight results (that you know deep down you can't maintain).
- You aren't driven to have a better life. You're fine in your comfort zone. 
- You aren’t open to feedback. You tend to get defensive (vs. pensive), and aren’t open to changing that.

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I could be the coach for you if...

- You're willing to address your mindset (with my help, working together in a way that feels comfortable to you).

- You're willing to take small actions every day to improve your life. 

- You're open to feedback, and willing to get 100% real with me. (This is a safe, judgment-free zone.)

- You’re open to using "alternative" methods (mirror work, deep belief restructuring, visualization, etc.) to expedite your results.

- You're tired of living a mediocre life and are truly motivated to have a better life. 

- You're open to positive change. You’re willing to get out of your own way and ALLOW your life to get better. 

- You're open to "co-creating" with The Universe/Higher Power/God/Spirit (doing YOUR part and also working with your higher power to create maximum results with minimum effort) - yes, I know sounds woo-woo, BUT magical possibilities await when we work with our higher power effectively!

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MUCH LOVE always!
In total dedication to your success,