Huge Giveaway of my Top Ten Expo West Picks!

Hey there friends! As many of you know, I recently got back from Expo West. In a nutshell, Expo is a HUGE event with over 3000 vendors sharing their natural products, and over 77,000 people attending. I got to learn about the people behind the products, try lots of new things, and connect with new and old friends. I was so excited about some of the companies and products that I had to share them with you via a giveaway!! 

Here's what we're giving away to the lucky winner - TEN seriously great prizes from my top ten Expo West favorites! By the way, you can also check out a video I did with Michelle Cehn with some of my picks - several of which are also included in this giveaway! (yes, there are some differences between my two top-ten favorites which I hope isn't too confusing, but both represent my absolute favorites from this HUGE event and I know you'll love the products from both lists!)

OK here we go! These are the fantabulous TEN companies I've chosen to share with you!

1. Rickaroons is a favorite of mine because they use great ingredients and make seriously SCRUMPTIOUS macaroons. My favorites are the Megaroons and the Mint Chocolate ones. They've generously offered a variety pack to the winner!

2. Oh, Alpendough. Yes, I'm a teeny bit biased with this company because I know the owner, Sarah, personally. But that's also why it's such a great product - Sarah is an incredibly lovely human being, and that love and goodness translates into her products. These cookie dough varieties are all vegan (like Sarah), gluten-free, and were also a favorite of many other vegan Expo West attendees. Our favorites are the snickerdoodle and chocolate chip, but Sarah's giving away a variety pack so you'll get to choose!!


3. These Sunbiotic almonds have been a favorite of mine for years. Imagine my delight when I found out that these are the same folks who do Rawmio chocolate (that stuff is AMAZING)!! My absolute favorite almond variety is their cheesy one, but the lucky winner will get EIGHT packs, so they can try them all! I just love these for road trips - they're incredibly crunchy and yummy, and so so healthy. WIN!!


4. I've been a fan of Explore Asian ever since they came out with a brown rice pad Thai noodle that's also ORGANIC. I literally squealed in the health food store when I first saw that product!! At Expo West, I also discovered some of their new pastas - I especially love the chickpea spirals. I can't wait to try more! They're giving away a four-pack to the winner!

5. Another company I really liked was Matt's Munchies. They package up their dried fruit in a really unique way, and also do some varieties with hemp seeds on top - so cool! Those kept me going on my long drive after Expo. The winner will be getting a variety pack of their organic, high quality fruit snacks!

6. Although I tried to have lots of variety in this giveaway, I also had to feature another dried fruit company - Wacky Apple. On a personal note, I've been buying this product for years, and always appreciated the quality - as well as the fact that they do all organic (so important with apples, as they're heavily sprayed when not organic!). So it was really cool for me to meet the owner herself and discover what a lovely person she is! She'll be giving away the sample pack above. 

7. The next company is fairy new, but completely awesome. The owner of BRAMI Beans gave me several of his oh-so-healthy lupini bean snacks to munch on during my road trip, and when I ran out I couldn't wait to get more! They're seriously addictive, but in the best way. I love that they're flavorful, very low in fat (no added oils), high in fiber, and have a really unique texture. They're like nothing I've ever tried before! The winner will receive a variety pack. LUCKY!!

8. It was such a treat to meet Chef Shawn, the person behind the delicious snacks at Brad's Raw Foods. He was delightful, and has a palate that is on point. I especially liked their broccoli poppers (raw, organic, delicious, and so nutritious - what's not to love!!??), so that's what the winner will receive!

9. The next company is Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights, and it was another case of falling in love with the adorable owner as well as their delicious, nutrient-dense products. My two absolute favorites are the Lemon Pie Cocoroons and Orange Dreamsicle Cocoroons, so the winner will get to try both!

10. And last but definitely not least is Living Intentions. This company blows my mind with their scrumptious, healthy snacks and foods. I fell in love with their tandoori turmeric superfood popcorn, but that won't be available for a little while. Luckily, I also fell in love with their new white chocolate nut clusters (OMG and yes they're vegan of course), and have long been a fan of their raw cacao granola (I even mention their wonderful granola varieties in my new book, FOOD LOVE!). The lucky winner will receive both!

How to enter?

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2. Comment on this blog post, telling us that you've done so and what your favorite healthy snack is.

Want to DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES of winning???

This giveaway is all about the love of wonderful, healthy food, just like my newest cookbook, FOOD LOVE! To double your chances of winning, post a picture of yourself (or a recipe you've made from my book!), along with my new cookbook, and be sure to tag me in it! (Either Facebook or Instagram will do!). I got this idea because so many of you have already done that, and it always makes my day to see it! So, double those chances and post again (or for the first time if you haven't yet!).

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The winner will be chosen on May 4th! Good luck!! I'm already jealous of the winner! :-)