Greetings, sweet, sensitive sisters! 

Thank you for listening to my interview and being part of Dana's Summit. I truly hope you've found some valuable gems to apply to your life. 

I've been wondering what to give you as my "free gift" for the summit, and to be honest, I haven't felt 100% about any of the ideas I came up with. 

Then, this happened . . . I was in meditation this morning, and the idea came to me: GIVE GIVE GIVE. The Universe was telling me that you are sensitive women who give A LOT in your everyday lives (whether or not you always give yourself credit for that), and it's my opportunity to give some extra special gifts to you. This made me happy, because to be honest, doesn't it feel great to give, when you're doing it from the heart??

OK! So it will take a few minutes of your time to claim your gifts, but I feel confident it will be worthwhile for you. :-) 


1. Your choice of any one workshop download from THIS PAGE. 
2. Your choice of any one of my e-books from THIS PAGE. 
3. For the first 15 women who fill out THIS FORM, you'll receive a complimentary one-hour "One Degree" coaching session!

To claim your prizes, simply do the following:

Fill out the free coaching application ON THIS PAGE and tell me which workshop and e-book you'd like in the "Comments" section. I will then email you with your two gift downloads (and if you've also won a free session, I will suggest some times to set that up).

That's it! Hopefully this will make you smile, and you'll get lots and lots and lots of value from these offerings. 
Much love to you, sisters!

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