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Wondering if we're a fit?
Some final thoughts, sweet soul, and I hope they don't sound harsh.
They come from a place of love, & from not wanting to waste your time . . . 

I'm probably not the coach for you if...

- You are unwilling to take responsibility for your life.
- You're not willing to tell me the truth/get real with me.
- You won't take small daily steps to create positive change.
- You aren't willing to look at your mindset and deep beliefs.
- You want overnight results (that you know deep down you can't maintain).
- You aren't driven to have a better life. You're fine in your comfort zone. 

I could definitely be the coach for you if...

- You're willing to address your mindset (with my help, working together in a way that feels comfortable to you, of course).
- You're willing to take actions (small, doable steps on a daily basis) to improve your life. 
- You're open to feedback, and willing to get 100% real with me. (This is a safe, judgment-free zone.)
- You are open to using "alternative" methods (such as affirmations and visualization) to expedite your results.
- You're tired of living a mediocre life and are truly motivated to have a better life. 
- You're truly open to positive change. You are willing to get out of your own way and allow your life to get better. 
- You're open to "co-creating" with The Universe/Higher Power/God/Spirit (doing YOUR part and also working with your higher power to create maximum results with minimum effort) - And yes, I know this will sound woo-woo to some, BUT magical possibilities await if you're open to having some fun with this!! ; )