These are a few of my favorite things . . .

Stuff I personally own and would have trouble living without!
FULL DISCLOSURE: I make a small commission if you click through my site to buy any of these items on Amazon.
However, anyone who knows me will tell you I'd never recommend something unless I completely love it.
Your trust is waaay too important to me!

Food-related items are towards the top. Scroll down for all the things.

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I discovered this recently when a friend wasn't able to order a garlic press - luckily he's a tech specialist and figured out why!

OK! The stuff I like and think you might like too!!! Here we go . . .

I am so in love with this thing!! This is the air fryer I own, and I use it multiple times a day to make air-fried French fries, zucchini sticks, crispy tofu, and even as the perfect way to reheat food. It's SO much easier than using trays in the oven, and the clean-up is quicker too! 

This Veggetti (sounds sort of dirty, right?) is a dream come true. I also have a more expensive spiralizer, but since getting this one at a local grocery store, I haven’t touched it. This Veggetti is sooo easy to use and clean, and makes fantastic spirals of zucchini, cucumber, carrots, beets, and more. Plus, it’s a fun way to encourage more vegetable eating!

OK this next item isn’t a kitchen gadget or appliance, but I’m so excited to share this with you, because it’s my newest book baby and I have sooo many yummy recipes inside that I know you will LOVE! Releasing in September 2019, available now for pre-order.

Water "bowl" for fresh spring rolls! Whoda thunk it??? My friends Ted and Trang Lai (of Plant Alchemy) gave me one of these and it's the absolute BEST for making fresh spring rolls on the fly - or hosting a spring roll making party like they did! It comes in different colors, and I recommend the larger size (the one I've linked below) so you can use different wrappers with no problem. 

I've had this chef's knife for many years, and it's still in fabulous condition and rarely needs sharpening. I used to think the best knives cost hundreds of dollars, but I was wrong. This knife is the stuff!

This is the Vitamix that I own and travel with. I also got a refurbished one (like the one shown below). It looked new when it arrived, and has been my faithful servant ever since. I would have a hard time living without it, for the mere fact that I love adding kale and carrots to my green smoothies (and regular blenders don't cooperate!). 

Ahhh!!! THIS garlic press!! I might die without it. You put the WHOLE CLOVE in (peel and all!) and press. Boom. Garlic paradise, in the EASIEST way possible. (If you click the link, you'll see the image on Amazon's website)

I've had this dehydrator for many years, and I just love it! The nine-tray is best, because it's pretty darn easy to fill up each tray, especially if you like kale chips. Plus, I make fruit leathers for my daughter in this - the perfect school snack!

I use this almost every day - I'm obsessed with healthy sodas! In my most recent cookbook (FOOD LOVE), there are lots of recipes for them, and it's so much easier and cheaper (and environmentally friendly) to make your own sparkling water.

If you get a Soda Stream, I highly recommend also purchasing the two extra bottles. Otherwise, it's hard to keep enough COLD sparkling water on hand. I'd even get two of these twin-packs if you're like me and drink a lot of natural sodas. Some of the flavors I enjoy are lime, ginger, lemon, and vanilla. I'd recommend tossing the artificial ones that come with the product. Make your own fresh soda flavors instead - it's healthy and so easy!

After having bad luck with truffle salts (I once paid $50 for one half this size and it had zero truffle flavor), I've found this one is fantastic. I've had it for over a year, and it's still got that wonderful truffle aroma and flavor. YUM.

My good friend's mom calls this a "whopper chopper." Ha! But seriously, this thing is fab for making evenly diced onions or zucchini. I'm sure there are other uses for it, but I love and rely on it just for those two things!

I cannot even believe how quickly this baby cooks up dried beans! I usually use it just for that purpose, but it's also great for rice, soups, and more.

I like this juicer because it’s well designed, easy to clean, and gives you a fair amount of juice for your produce. I don’t use this as much as my Vitamix, but sometimes it’s really nice to get a ton of nutrients into one glass of juice!!!

I love this book! It’s very well written, and tells you all (ALL) the things about the plant-based foods you love. I recommend that everyone keep a copy of this in their kitchen.

Speaking of books, I love this lil’ one! It’s a great story that inspires you to take joy in giving more. Especially relevant for business owners who want a different kind of edge (and a kind kind of edge), it’s a love-based concept that would make the world a better place if more people practiced it!

This is my new wallet. Isn’t she cute??! It’s also available in all kinds of other designs. I can’t even believe it’s so cheap! But I had my previous Shagwear vegan wallet for years and it held up beautifully, so don’t let the low price fool you!

I got these for my daughter’s school lunches, so her sandwiches could be in something pretty and reusable. They’re also great for other food items. And seriously, so pretty!

This is the water purification system I use so that I don’t have to buy bottled water. It was relatively easy to set up (at least for me, while I watched someone else do it) hehe …. and it’s worked wonderfully ever since! Seems to be a great value, considering the price (it fluctuates, but I think it was around $150 last I checked).

I love these glass straws! They are easy to clean and the perfect size. It feels so much better to stop buying the disposable ones too. : )

These little cuties are pure fun! My daughter wanted them for her room, but I got an extra set to put on our little flower trees outside, and around my bedroom. They’re generally referred to as fairy lights, and make a perfect soft glow. Plus, I like that they’re LED and last fairly well (and don’t have to be plugged in!!)

I heart the “ungame!” It’s a great way to get to know others better, and fine tune your listening skills. A fun, easy way to connect more deeply with those you care about. : ) This particular deck is perfect for all ages (I have this one as well as a “couples” version)

And now for something far less tame! Haha. This game is waaaay too fun. We’ve gotten the original deck as well as the add-ons. Not suitable for anyone who’s easily offended! But if you’re game, this will bring you hours of laughter and cell phone-free fun with friends.

These are the “add-on” boxes we’ve ordered (they’re great) so we don’t get too sick of the original deck!

My daughter freakin’ LOVES her “Comfy Sack!!” It’s huge, sooo snuggly, and so comfortable that she falls asleep in it a bit too often. Haha! Their customer service (the actual company, not Amazon) really impressed me, so you may even want to consider ordering one directly from them (that’s what I did). I just linked it here, so you’d be able to check it out (and in case you do want to order from Amazon).

I love these shoes! Jambu makes a lot of vegan varieties, and they’re always very comfortable. I have a few different pairs, but I’ll just link these here because they’re so cuddly and cozy, and that always wins.