Greetings, sweet soul!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m Tess and I’m a "One Degree" coach, author, vegan chef, & mom.

My passion

is helping you discover how phenomenal
your life can be—both inside and out.

Simply by making small, doable changes every day, you CAN have a vibrantly healthy life—
while enjoying every step!

One Degree Coaching
Let's create a phenomenal life for you, one degree at a time! 
This is your year, baby!!!


Here are a few of my favorite recipes – I hope you dig ‘em!

About Tess

I love food so much—a little too much. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to create yummy dishes that love me back (as opposed to my years of obesity and sickness). Here are a few other things you might like to know...

Online Workshops

Downloadable workshops on a variety of topics, including "Do what you love as your full time gig" and "How to publish your book."


Did I mention that I love to eat? If you do too, check out some ways you can enjoy food with me!


I write too many cookbooks. I can’t stop. And I won’t stop.


I teach cooking classes, speak at events, and hold workshops (both online and in person). I also love to travel—so don’t hesitate to let me know if you have an event idea in your area!


I love hearing from you! If you have a request, suggestion, or comment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.