I love to talk! I’ve spoken at over fifty events over the last decade, and love empowering audiences (mainly women, but not always) to overcome the inner obstacles that keep them from abundantly happy, healthy, thriving lives.

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Contact us if you’d like me to speak at your event.

Examples of talks I give at business/entrepreneurial events:
* Conscious Unlearning: Your Path to Thrive in Business and Life
* Mindset + Momentum = Results
* How to Unlearn the One Thing Holding You Back - One Degree at a Time

Examples of talks I give at health events:
* Transition to a Healthy Vegan Diet in 5 Simple Steps
* Getting Real about Weight Loss - 3 Keys to Long Term Success

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A few excerpts from a talk I gave to women entrepreneurs. The title was “Conscious Unlearning: Your Path to Thrive in Business and Life.”

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Unpaid testimonials from audience members:
More testimonials coming soon!

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Tess’s speaker bio:
A “One Degree Transformation Specialist,” seven-time author, coach, and speaker, Tess Challis shows people how to identify and remove unconscious limiting beliefs blocking them from achieving their business, health, and life goals—one doable step at a time. Tess regularly speaks to entrepreneurs and change agents. She’s been featured in Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and on television networks including ABC, NBC, and CBS. Tess lives in Phoenix, Arizona and combats the heat by drinking a bit too much kombucha.

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