Carob Power Smoothie Bowl

Carob is amazing - albeit highly underrated - stuff. It's high in fiber, alkalinizing, calcium-rich, and high in potassium. It's also deep, rich, delicious, and versatile! Here's one of my favorite ways to enjoy the fabulousness that is carob:

Carob Power Smoothie Bowl
Recipe adapted from FOOD LOVE

It's important to have your bananas frozen and your toppings ready to go before you start - you don't want to get in the way of the thick ice-creamy bliss!

Toppings - use any or all of the following: 
sliced bananas
dried banana chips
shredded coconut
cacao nibs
hemp seeds
chia seeds
nuts of your choice (macadamia are especially fab)

2 frozen bananas (frozen when very ripe - and frozen at least 8 hours)
1-2 tablespoons carob powder (I like the full two tablespoons)
Just enough almond milk to blend

1. Get the toppings ready to party. Set them aside.

2. In a blender, place the bananas and carob. Add JUST enough almond milk to blend. If you overdo it on the milk (even a little), your smoothie will be too thin and your toppings will sink.

3. Immediately spoon your blended base into a bowl and decorate fancifully with your toppings of choice. Eat and be happy!

Serves 1/GF/SF/Green (according to the health guidelines in my books)