When your vision board comes true! 5 tips to make it happen.

Hey gorgeous human! :D

I just posted this picture on my Facebook page, along with a caption about how “vision boards really do work!” and I’ve been getting messages from a few folks, asking for tips. So naturally, it’s time for a (much overdue) BLOG POST!! :)

Below is a photo of my new backyard. I’ll be moving into this lovely space at the end of next month with my sweetheart, John. This photo actually doesn’t even do the backyard justice. It’s like, RIDICULOUS.

dream house.jpg

I mean, ridiculous!!! There’s a lovely saltwater pool and hot tub, beautiful flowers, outdoor kitchen, several seating areas, space for a rooftop patio, a side area for gardens, room for lots of fruit trees, and actually so much more! It’s basically my dream board, come to life.

In all honesty, I’ve been visualizing my “dream house” for quite a few years. In fact, I kind of let the idea go many times. Especially over the last ten months, I’ve been so dang happy in my new Arizona apartment that I haven’t been visualizing the dream house much.

However, the last few weeks, this thought came to me several times: “Well, my lease is coming up, and I love it here, but hmm….maybe it would be nice to have a house. Wouldn’t that be amazing if the dream house could be a reality soon?”

Really, it was just a fleeting thought here and there, and then I’d let it go and get on with life. However, the vision board was in my closet and I would look at it from time to time, usually feeling gratitude, trusting that it would manifest when the time is right.

Here’s an actual snippet of my vision board, which I’ll share more about below:

The “done” section of my vision board is paper clipped and taped to my board. It’s a great reminder that I’ve already co-created so much of what I had on there!

The “done” section of my vision board is paper clipped and taped to my board. It’s a great reminder that I’ve already co-created so much of what I had on there!

Those three photos were representative of the “dream house” on my vision board. The one on the right? It actually sort of looks like my hand (although it was just a random magazine photo), holding cherry tomatoes, fresh from the garden. (Yep, the new house has space for a garden to grow tomatoes, veggies, fruit trees, and, OMG STOP ME BEFORE I HYPERVENTILATE!!!)

I get a little too excited about gardening and growing juicy, fabulous organic food. That was an important part of my vision board!

The middle photo has the type of fireplace I love. I wish I had a decent photo handy, but there’s a fireplace very similar to this in the great room of our new home! And for the outdoor space, I wasn’t attached to it looking exactly like that picture on the left, but I did write on there “I love our outdoor space so much!” And yes, I absolutely DO!! In fact, the reality of what manifested is actually even better than what was on my vision board.

Partly because it comes with this guy:

john p.jpg

That’s my sweetheart, John. It’s a photo I snagged from my Instagram stories, because I was feelin’ so much appreciation for how awesome and wonderful he is. Yep, he was also on the vision board!!

But again - not too specifically. I had some photos that represented the heart connection and feelings I would want to have with another person. And anytime we hug, I know my vision board came true. <3 BUT I didn’t get specific with unimportant details like color of eyes, height, etc. I stayed focused on what truly mattered to me - someone with a great heart who was thoughtful, easygoing, fun, kind, a joy to be around, etc. You know, the stuff of the stuff!

So here’s a question for you!

Have you ever tried using a vision board?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried it but also felt frustrated at times because your goodies don’t always show up right away. I had to wait quite a while for these two “big ticket” items! But oh wow were they worth it. Sometimes when we have to wait, it’s because the Universe is taking her sweet time making sure we are getting the absolute BEST of the BEST and in the most perfect timing! We are so loved.

However, vision boards CAN also help you manifest what you want very quickly. It really depends on YOU and how much you’re willing to align with the process.

Here are my top five vision board tips - the ones I’ve found really, really work and are key to the process:

1. Get specific - but not too specific! It’s great to know exactly what you want, but please leave room for the Universe to work some magic. If you’re too attached to certain details, it will be harder for your vision to come through. You can always say “this or better” too if you’re not sure!

2. Put your vision board somewhere visible so you can look at it often - ideally once a day or more. When you look at it, feel G R A T I T U D E - this is soooo important! Your gratitude shows that you’ve got faith your goodies are on their way. It truly helps you align and connect with the process. There’s nothing like GRATITUDE IN ADVANCE to really speed up what you’re asking for. Powerful stuff!

3. Don’t just see it. Feel it! I often refer to this as the “feelization process.” When you FEEL what you want, as if it’s happening now, the results can be phenomenal!! I’ve used this process for all sorts of things, even stuff that never landed on my vision board because it manifested too quickly! No joke! :D

4. Be patient and do NOT give up, ever!! This one can be tough. I’m not always the most patient person, but I’ve learned that your dreams really do come true when you keep going and don’t give up. Cliche sounding? Yes. True? Also yes.

5. Keep your energy high. If you’re able to eat well, meditate, and think positive thoughts, that will go a long way in helping you align with your desires. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH PERFECTION however! You don’t ever have to be perfect, that’s for damn sure. But I’ve found I create much more quickly and effortlessly when I keep myself in a high vibe state, generally speaking. :)

I so hope these tips will help you on your journey! Remember, you don’t have to do these steps perfectly, or be some kind of superhuman. All you have to be is YOU. All you have to do is slap some photos on a board (like, 99 cents at the supermarket kind of board) and write some sentences that reflect having what you want - and then feel good about it when you look at it. And finally, trust that it’s on its way!

And as always, if you’d like some help with all of this happy-life-creation stuff, hit me up! I have two spots open for “One Degree” coaching calls at the moment. Apply here: https://tesschallis.com/one-degree-free-application

That’s it for now - please let me know what you think of all this vision board stuff in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much for stopping by. You are loved and appreciated! xx