Falafel Salad with Tahini-Herb Dressing


As the author of seven cookbooks, I’d be lying to say that I don’t have favorites. Although I aim to only include recipes in my books that are fabulous, I always end up especially (and obsessively) loving a select few, and making them over and over! And over! And over!! Yeah, I do tend to obsess over a few favorites and eat them multiple times a week until I get tired of them. Do you ever do that?

So, as you may have guessed, this falafel salad is definitely on my extra-favorites list. I created it recently for my newest cookbook, Vegan Mediterranean Cookbook (you can grab a copy HERE), and am still SO in love with it!

That’s partly because it’s DELICIOUS (and flavor-FULL) of course, but also because it’s overflowing with fiber, nutrients, fresh vegetables, and enzymes. It’s also easy to make. In fact, I strongly recommend making up the falafel batter and tahini sauce in advance. Then, when you want to make this salad, it’ll just be a matter of cooking the falafels and putting the salad together.

Another insider tip: This book was on the heels of my air fryer cookbook, so I didn’t really want to sound too “air fryer-y” in this one. HOWEVER, I definitely do air fry these babies!! My favorite thing to do is to have a double batch of the falafel batter on hand, and then pop a few spoonfuls in the air fryer for quick, hot, crisp falafels in no time. They can also be served plain alongside the tahini sauce for dipping, if you’re not always in the mood to make them into a salad!

OK, you’ve waited long enough. HERE is the recipe! I hope you dig it! :)

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That’s it for today - I hope you love, love, love this salad! Be sure to comment below, or tag me online if you decide to post pictures of your creation. It always makes my day to see you enjoying my recipes! :)

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